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Written by JD Thurman   
Wednesday, 24 November 2010 15:16

Project labor claiming

Welcome to the IBM BCS Public Sector - Project labor claiming (PCLAIM) site. This site is for use by IBM contractors to record their labor hours working on federal contracts.

Managers in IBM units engaged in cost-based federal government contracting are responsible for obtaining the appropriate work packages before beginning or assigning work. Each employee and contractor is responsible for accurately recording and submitting labor claims. All employees and contractors must understand the assignments they are undertaking with respect to the cost objective, project number, or account being charged. Employees and contractors who are responsible to record time to individual projects number must record their time daily.

Note: Sessions are limited to 30 minutes. Be sure to save your updates.

All users must Sign in to use the labor claiming system.

Disclaimer: The IBM Labor Claiming system is used for verification of contractor hours charged against IBM project codes only and does not reflect the contractor's actual employee timecard submitted to the contractor's employer.


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